Granada E-Giving – Donate Online

Granada now offers an online donation service called “E-Giving”. It is easy, safe and secure. This method of giving will provide the same confidentiality that you are accustomed to plus the convenience that online services offer. You are able to make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations (as frequently as you choose). You may donate using debit, credit, checking or savings. Also you may designate your donations (General, Missions, Capital Campaign, etc.).
Click Here to Donate Online

Quick Start Guide

  1. E-Giving Login
    First time users will need to sign up.
    Click on the “Register Now” button.
  2. Member Sign-Up
    Complete the member profile form and create your username and password. Passwords are case sensitive. Please make a record of your username and password.
    After completing all information, click “Submit”
  3. Sign up Complete
    There are 4 options from this page

    • Click “Donate Now” to continue to our donation page
    • Click “View your profile” to view or make changes to the information that you entered
    • Click “Go to the Main Menu” to view all of the E-Giving features
    • Important: you must agree to the ACH authorization form to allow for checking or savings account transactions. This also can be accessed from your main menu. (For more info on this view FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How is my electronic contribution automatically deducted from my account?
A – You may log onto Granada’s e-giving site, and give via credit or debit card, or read the agreement and check the box for ACH transactions to make donations via checking or savings account at the site. Once you authorize the transfer, your specified contributions can be taken out one time, or on a regular basis as you choose. The contribution is transferred directly from your checking or savings account to the organization’s account.

Q – When will my contribution be deducted from my account?
A – Within 24 hours for credit and debit card transactions; 72 hours for ACH (checking or savings account donations). If you choose to give on a regular monthly basis automatically, you can designate when the donation should be processed.

Q – Can I put amounts in different funds and special offerings, and have them all withdrawn from my account at different frequencies?
A – You can set up to contribute to different funds at different frequencies; HOWEVER, you will have to do each one separately. There is no way possible to split a single transaction into different amounts and frequencies. When you have completed giving to one fund for a certain frequency, simply go back in to complete another. You will receive separate receipts for each.

Q – What do I use when I do my taxes? Will I get a statement of everything I gave online?
A – You will receive a statement from Granada with all your donation information (online and in person), however, you may print out a statement from the e-giving site for all transactions that were made online through e-giving, using the time period you designate. This can be used for tax purposes.

Q – Can I look up all my donations online, even those that I gave while at church?
A – No. The only transactions you can view online are the ones that were completed online. Please contact Ania DaSilva in the church office for complete donation information. 305-444-8435 x136 or

Q – How much does electronic giving cost?
A – It costs you nothing and saves you time. Granada pays nominal transaction fees…the lowest available. Credit and Debit cards cost the organization more than savings or checking account transfers. Because of this, you may choose to give by your bank account to save additional costs for Granada. In addition, the charges are transaction based, so if you can contribute once per month instead of weekly, again, it saves the church money.

Q – The computer won’t let me make my donation by using my bank account…the only option is for credit or debit cards. Or, I can’t make a contribution with a credit/debit card.
A – Go back to the main menu, and choose “Checking / Savings Authorization”. Read the agreement and check the box to agree. Once that is done, you will have access to the bank ACH donation area. You may need to log out and log back in for this to take effect. Your bank may also have limited the ways you can donate. Not only do they have the option to allow credit/debit and/or savings checking accounts, they also choose which credit/debit cards are usable.