Generate Campaign

On Sunday, November 10, 2013, Granada began a bold and necessary campaign to renovate the adult’s and children’s spaces to reflect our spirit of community, acceptance, and grace. The Generate campaign was designed to raise $750,000 by December 31, 2015. This capital would renovate all of our community and classroom spaces while reducing our past debts by more than 50%.

Now is the time for us to finish the campaign.

Last November we embarked on a mission to renovate all of Granada’s facilities to reinforce our culture of grace, to create more social spaces for people to grow closer together, and to eliminate our past debts. We are so thankful to all of you who have given this past year to the Generate Campaign and made this mission successful thus far.

We have kept these promises:

  • Projects will begin after the funding is in place.
  • There will be no loans taken out for this campaign.
  • For every $1 used for projects, $1 will be used to reduce past debt.

Debt Reduction

We started the Generate campaign with a $935,000 mortgage left over from the “Out on a Limb” campaign. We made additional payments this past year cutting the debt nearly in half! Along with other payments, we paid $175,000 in Generate funds against the debt. The new balance is $540,000. The dollar-for-dollar promise in Generate for the next year could cut the debt by another $150,000-$200,000.

generate-cafeGranada Cafe

We had two goals in the redesign of the parlor into a cafe: to create a room so inviting that everyone would want to meet together and stay too long, and to design a place with such classic details that it will be beautiful for generations to come. With coffered ceilings, magnificent artwork, plush furniture, and fresh Bustelo ready to brew, this is the perfect location for your group of 5-20 to study, talk, pray, eat, and sip.


Generations Patio

generate-patioA monument to the faithfulness of God to establish Granada from generation to generation. This patio commemorates the charter members who started it all, the senior pastors who have served, and the many families over the decades who have made this place of grace thrive from generation to generation. Stop by and enjoy the weather, the plant life, some coffee, and a good conversation at the bistro tables.

Sanctuary Stage

Now you can see what Worth is talking about! We upgraded the projection system to allow for full color and video presentation. We have added additional seating for the choir to grow are adding more lighting for the choir and special events.

Spanish Worship

The fellowship hall has been upgraded to a beautiful worship space. We have installed new drums, new stage flooring, new chairs, and fresh paint to create a better environment for our Spanish services and other church wide events.

generate-cryroomCry Room

You love to see them at the baptisms. Now we made a place for our babies to call home for a few months until they are ready for the nursery. The Cry Room now has a glider for nursing or napping, a changing table, and video input so parents can see the sermon presentation, too.

generate-sanctuaryclassroomSanctuary Classroom

One of the most diverse and active rooms we have, the sanctuary classroom is a hub of ideas and planning as well as a space for study and meeting. The new tables are portable to allow flexible use. The presentation system is easy to use for DVD, internet, apple TV, or any laptop connection. Check out the beginning of our “mission wall” -a photographic display of our mission to show God’s grace to all people at Granada. This display will grow over time as we experience new milestones in Gospel ministry.

Asian Garden Koi Pond

Our new Koi pond is a big hit with the day school families.  Children love to watch them each morning from the peaceful gazebo. This garden is one of our projects designed to bring diverse cultural education through an environmental experience for our pre-school. Granada Day School is full of love and grace, and our new courtyards are reflective of these values.


The youth will be so engaged with worship and local missions that parents will be amazed.

We will transform the youth loft into a multi-purpose venue with modern coffee house design. generate-youth-wood-wallIt will be complete with state of the art audio/visual presentation, a stage for full band, a coffee bar and café space, and seating for up to 75. The new uses for this space will be limitless. The youth loft will have future access to the elevator tower by way of a second floor patio that connects the 2 buildings.


generate-gds-jungle-villageDay School

Families will feel so loved at Granada Day School that joining the church will be a natural step for them.

To continue the multi-cultural experience at Granada Day School, we will be installing a Latin jungle next to the recently built Asian garden and koi pond. Live elements like tropical birds and banana plants will help provide a fun exposure to Latin American cultures.  This play area contains an imaginative airplane hangar and Amazon River inspired by our SAMAIR missionaries in Peru.  Granada Day School has become a one-of-a-kind preschool for families in our community.



Children will be so excited about Sundays that they will beg their parents to come to Granada.

The elementary years are the time when life is full of energy, fun, friendship, and trust. We want to build a place where children can enjoy these things while learning about the character of God and His love for them. Music, drama, art, games, and   activities will be part of our children’s learning experience in the newly renovated rooms. To support the “backyard club theme,” we will be adding a new electronic check-in system and hiring additional staff to support our current dedicated director and teachers.

  • Hire additional staff to support new growth in GranadaKids.
  • Turn our elementary area into a fun, interactive environment.
  • Install a fast and easy electronic check-in system.
  • Host more events and activities for young families.

Thank you for giving to the future of our beloved church.

Donate Now!

Granada offers an online donation service called “E-Giving”. It is easy, safe and secure. This method of giving will provide the same confidentiality that you are accustomed to plus the convenience that online services offer. You are able to make a one-time donation or set up recurring donations (as frequently as you choose). You may donate using debit, credit, checking or savings. Also you may designate your donations for the Capital Campaign.

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