Out On A Limb

What is Out on a Limb?
Out on a Limb is the name we gave to an accelerated time of spiritual growth that began during the spring of 2008. We came together to ask God to renew and strengthen our congregation, and to renovate our facilities. We called the time Out on a Limb because it was a risky time to undertake a project of this scope.

What was the result of Out on a Limb?
These three years have been such a time of encouragement and advance for Granada. We have seen our relationships and sense of community flourish, and our church grow. During Out on a Limb we were displaced from our sanctuary for months. Many of you commented about the positive experience this was for our church. We felt (and actually were) closer to each other having to meet in the fellowship hall for worship. The result of the planning and construction was a beautiful and far more useful sanctuary and fellowship hall. We thank God for the way our church and community have benefited from the work that was done.

Out on a limbHow were we able to pay for the improvements?
In 2008, our church stood together and committed a little over $1 million to complete the work. As of today, nearly 75% of those promised gifts have been received. We have so much to be thankful for.

When will Out on a Limb end?
The campaign will continue through the end of 2011. We would like to see Out on a Limb end as strongly as it began.

How can Out on a Limb end strongly?
First, if you made a commitment to support the campaign, do your best to fulfill it. This will enable us as a church to direct our resources to building ministry rather than retiring debt. Second, if you have completed your pledge and are able to make an additional gift, that will enable us to cover more of the program costs. Third, if you are just now learning about Out on a Limb, prayerfully consider joining with the church to meet the remaining needs for the renovation work.